Select Color Rags

These are lightweight cotton rags, an excellent general maintenance rag. Useful in general cleanup, they are excellent for general industrial us, clean up greases, spills, or as dust cloths. Being our most popular rag, they are inexpensive and have many uses, and are packaged in economical sized boxes.

Select White Rags

These are of the same quality as our select color rags, the exception being they are all white rags. Mainly for companies requiring standard rags or uniformity, or where appearance is key. Also useful with applications involving chemicals, dyes, paints, or other materials where color run is a critical factor. This is an ideal rag.

Cotton Knit Rags

We produce both colored and all white knit rag packages. They have a quality that makes them specially suited to certain types of work; they are virtually lint free. In addition, they are a soft, absorbent rag. Knits have been found useful for firms dealing with glass, plastics, ceramics, porcelain, marble or other materials that need to be kept.

Turkish Toweling Rags (also known as terrycloth or terryturk)

These are one of the best grades of rags we produce. They are durable and extremely soft and absorbent. For applications, which require professional excellence, no rag is superior to the Turkish towel rags.

Flannel Rags

Flannel rags are a very soft, absorbent rag. They are specially suited for polishing and they are capable of buffing to a very high luster. They are excellent for applications in chrome and metal polishing and metal casting.

Sweatshirt Rags

Sweatshirt rags are a soft absorbent rag, it combines features of our Turkish rags and knit rags. Due to its high absorbency and low lint factor, it is favored among grease mechanics and companies using petroleum products or heavy greases in its applications.

Sheeting Rags

Sheeting rags are mainly produced in white, but colored sheeting is also available. Completely flat and seamless, they are favored by painters, finishers and applications, which require the smoothness in dealing with surface textures.

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